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Tips: Your Piano Keyboard Should Have These Important Features

$599 USD

In this article, I will be telling you the 8 most important things to look out for when buying a digital piano keyboard. I will be using the Donner DDP-80 as the recommended piano keyboard.

88 Full-Size Touch Sensitive Keys

First of all, a traditional acoustic piano has 88 keys and many contemporary piano songs are written to take advantage of the full range of the keyboard. The keys of a traditional piano also respond to how hard or how soft you hit the keys. This is to simulate the expressiveness of an acoustic piano and to ensure you do not run out of keys.

This Donner DDP-80 digital piano comes with 88 full-size touch-sensitive keys. You can find out more here.

Fully Weighted Graded Hammer Key Action

The strings on an acoustic piano are of various thicknesses. Therefore, hammers of different weights are needed to strike and vibrate these strings to produce a sound. Just like an acoustic piano, the keys on the left side of the Donner DDP-80 are heavier and they get lighter as you move to the treble notes on the right side of the keyboard.

I have a list of other recommended fully weighted graded hammer action keyboards to check out

High-Quality Piano Tone

One of the best motivations to play is a high-quality piano tone that replicates the warmth and resonance of a traditional concert grand. The Dreams advanced sound chip in this digital piano is from a French company with a 35-year history. The digital signal processing on this keyboard is impressive at this affordable price.

Triple Pedal System

Triple pedals on a concert grand are used to shape a piano tone. Advanced pianists often use the soft and sostenuto pedals in addition to the standard damper pedal to make their music more expressive.

Powerful Speakers

There is no point in having a rich and beautiful sound sample if the onboard speaker amplification is not powerful enough to project the sound. The Donner DDP-80 comes with a pair of 25 watts amplifiers powering large speakers found below the chassis for an immersive sound. With these speakers, the low bass notes are thunderous and rich while the higher register is crystal clear with no discernible distortion.


Having a USB MIDI port is essential for connecting the Donner DDP-80 to mobile devices and laptops. You can use this keyboard with thousands of free virtual instruments as well as download music learning apps to accelerate your learning. This piano comes with a free music app containing video lessons from instructors at Berklee College of Music.

You can check out my beginner piano app as well as some beginners video courses and course materials available for you. Also, do check out this free 25 Piano lesson too.

Stylish Yet Compact

Most digital pianos are boring black rectangular chunky boxes that look dreary in a home. I love how this digital piano has the stylish look of a vintage clavinet. The combination of solid wood and timber laminates blends in beautifully with most home decor.

The beautifully crafted wooden legs can be removed if you need to transport the keyboard for gigs.

Switches and knobs are cleverly hidden from view and the triple pedal unit is color-coordinated.

The red felt liner above the keys completes the look and I doubt most people will be able to tell that this is a digital keyboard as there are no visible knobs, buttons, or LCD screen on this digital piano.


If you are going to spend a few thousand dollars, it makes more sense to get a traditional acoustic piano. However, if you are starting out and have a tight budget of a few hundred dollars, digital pianos are a fantastic value proposition. If you decide to upgrade or your interest is short-lived, you will not lose too much money selling your digital piano.

I have a list of other recommended keyboards for you to check out. You can check out my beginner piano app as well as some beginners video courses and course materials available for you. Also, do check out this free 25 Piano lesson too.


I hope you have found my tips useful in the process of buying your first piano keyboard. Do check out my other articles for guides, tips, and to find the best and most suitable piano for your personal need. Also, check out my Piano App and beginner keyboard course available for you.

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