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Review: This Ultra-Portable Piano Keyboard is Great for Travel & Beginners


$162.89 USD

Today I will review the features and functions of this ultralight ultra-portable and impossibly thin keyboard. I am going to review the key-action, sound quality, various features, and functionalities of the Vangoa VGK8600 and demonstrate the onboard sounds in order to help you make a better buying decision.

Built-In Features

The Vangoa VGK8600 comes with 61 full-size touch-sensitive keys. The keys are synth-action keys and are not weighted.

There is a decent amount of key travel and the keys have a similar quality to other brand name keyboards around the same price point.

This keyboard is extremely light, weighing just 4.9 pounds or about 2 kilograms. The height of this keyboard is a mere 1.9 inches or about 5 centimeters.

You can power this keyboard using just the USB power from a power bank or the USB port of your laptop.

Vangoa also included a power adapter as well as a mini sustain pedal so you have everything you need to start making music right out of the box

The VGK 8600 comes with small speakers that are meant for use during your practice and are not meant to amplify the music to a big room. On the side of the keyboard, you get an on-off switch, a sustained pedal input, an audio input, and audio output that you can either plug in headphones or connect to an external speaker system

You can check out the recommendations for speakers, headphones, microphones, and other connectivity devices which you might be able to improve your experience with this keyboard.

There is a micro USB port for connecting the keyboard to your mobile phone table to a laptop. This is also the USB port you use to power the keyboard if you are not using an electrical outlet. There is a small dual-colored LCD screen which makes accessing the various functions on this keyboard more convenient.

A big advantage of this keyboard at this price point is the ability to connect the keyboard to apps such as garage band, FL studio, or a piano learning app such as flow key.

You can check out my beginner piano app as well as some beginners video courses and course materials available for you. Also, do check out this free 25 Piano lesson too.

To help you keep time when you practice there is also a built-in metronome on the VGK8600. Also to help you jot down your musical ideas this keyboard comes with a really easy-to-use musical song recorder. All you need to do is press record start playing and when you're done just playback and have a listen to what you recorded.

Sound Quality

The VGK 8600 comes with 128 voices mapped to the general midi specifications. While you will not be producing any Grammy award-winning music soon with the built-in tones quite a number of the tones that are in this keyboard are more than sufficient for jotting down musical ideas or using this keyboard as a learning tool

You can layer two voices for a richer sound as well as split two voices across the left and right sides of this keyboard. The Vangoa VGK8600 comes with 88 demo tunes you can listen to or play along with to make your practice more interesting. This keyboard comes with a hundred rhythms for you to jam along with as well.

In addition, you can also turn on the chord accompaniment mode and make use of the rhythm fields as well as the intro and ending. The rhythms are not the best program and are frankly below average. The chord transitions in the chord accompaniment mode are also pretty choppy.

Using these accompaniments as a practice tool is fine but do not expect anything more. You are unlikely to buy this keyboard because you want the accompaniment patterns. In this keyboard, the dedicated button for easy access to a couple of drum kits is great if you are into finger drumming

You can check out my beginner piano app as well as some beginners video courses and course materials available for you. Also, do check out this free 25 Piano lesson too.


Here are my final thoughts on the Vangoa VGK8600 keyboard you are unlikely to be impressed with the built-in sound quality of this keyboard but you are absolutely missing the point. You buy this because it is an affordable ultraportable super lightweight keyboard with touch-sensitive keys. USB midi to connect to a mobile learning app with an easy song recorder dual and split voice layering and a couple of rhythms to make learning and practicing more fun.

I hope you found my review of the Vangoa VGK8600 useful. Do check out the links provided in this article for the latest and most updated information and prices of Vangoa VGK8600. Do also take a look at my other articles to find the best and most suited instrument for your personal need. Also, check out my Piano App and beginner keyboard course available for you

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