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Review: Are Foldable Piano Keyboards Any Good & Should You Buy Them?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021


$180 - 250USD

There are many folding pianos being sold under many various names and different brands and I'm going to review one of the better foldable pianos out there. My in-depth review will help you make an informed purchase when you look to buy one.

Key Actions

This folding piano is a 88 full-size digital piano with semi-weighted key action. With touch-sensitive keys which produce a louder sound when you press it harder and softer when pressing gently. The keys are a little noisy but it is expected for a piano in this price range

Build Quality

This folding piano comes with its own carrying case with a little pocket at the front for you to put your accessories. With the included bag you can hand-carry your piano or sling it on your shoulder and carry it around. The piano weighs about 4 kilograms making it really lightweight.

This folding piano can be set up easily, just by opening up the piano and clicking it in place. To reduce the stress in the middle and provide added rigidity, the piano comes with a little clip that has to be inserted in the middle.

A downside of having this clip is that it is so small and can be easily misplaced, it would be better if the clip was attached to the piano instead. At the same time to keep the piano, just remove the clip and with a press of a button the piano will fold back in half and fit right back into the carrying case.

Built-in Features

This folding piano comes with a ton of built-in features and accessories. Right out of the box you will get a music rest for your scores.

A sustained pedal and a headphone converter jack from 3.5mm to a quarter-inch so that it will be compatible with whatever headphones you have.

This folding piano comes included with a power adapter and a USB-C cable as it runs on its lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery which needs to be charged or you can plug it into a wall outlet and use it. With this, you will not need to look or use your own double-A batteries.

This folding piano has 2 tiny speakers on the back panel of both sides, as they are really tiny the audio quality of the speakers is really meant for monitoring and you will be better of with better sound quality if you use a headphone.

On the rear panel, you have an input jack for your sustain pedal. A 3.5mm auxiliary audio input for you to plug in your phone and stream backing tracks. There is also an input jack for a microphone, it is not of the best quality but there if you want to sing along with your playing or with your backing tracks. Also, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB port giving you USB audio capabilities and at the same time doubling up as a charging input port. Lastly, a USB MIDI port allows you to connect to your smartphone to your tablets, iPad, and laptop computer to learn with your piano playing apps.

You have a large power button on the front panel and a small but surprisingly useful LCD display. Even though the LCD display is small, it provides a lot of critical information allowing you to use the piano without the need to refer to a manual. You can also control the volume as well as an encoder to select different features by pressing down on it. There is also a buttons for you to select your tones.

This folding piano comes with a simple song recorder which only requires you to push a button. Also, the piano comes with a metronome. This folding piano puts many expensive and high-end keyboards to shame as it has built-in Bluetooth capabilities right out of the box.

This folding piano has a learning feature with a key lighting system where you can turn it on or off. The piano has an in-built sustain if you forget to bring along your sustain pedal. You can also trigger the vibrato effect and if you want to do some finger drumming you can turn on the drum kit.

Sound Quality

This folding piano has 127 or 128 different tones which can be accessed using the tone button. The tone button also allows you to control the volume or cycle through the tones. This folding piano has various demo songs which can be found by holding down the demo button. The Piano also has 128 built-in rhythms which can be accessed using the encoder knob.

Holding down the encoder knob can adjust the tempo of your metronome, the rhythm, and the pitch. You can also assign one voice to the left side and another voice to the right side of the piano. There is also a chord function where you can turn on the auto accompaniment mode and can be used as a single finger or multi-finger mode.


If you are someone who is learning for the first time and don't want to spend too much money. At the same time, you want a very ultra-compact digital piano to start on before you commit to something that is more expensive. This can be something you want to consider. It is also suitable for someone who needs ultra-portability where you can foresee yourself having to bring this anywhere and everywhere this piano is suitable.

If you treasure portability beyond everything else, the sound quality is not very good but it is acceptable. If you need portability, I do not think there is anything out there more portable than this foldable piano.

Lastly, if you are someone who needs a practice piano and you might not be with your piano all the time. This is something you can just carry along with you and just open up and practice along if you have a couple of hours perhaps in an airport or in your hotel room. This is useful because not only is this a digital piano it is also a pretty competent but basic midi controller.

I hope you found my review of this folding piano useful. Do check out the links provided in this article for the latest and most updated information and prices of this folding piano. Do take a look at my other articles to find the best and most suited instrument for your personal need.

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