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Review: 5 reasons to love the Casio CT-S1

$199.99 USD

Sound Quality

There are many cheap Chinese keyboards on Amazon that pack up to 600 on-board sounds. Just like a Las Vegas $1.99 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, pretty much every sound on these cheap keyboards prioritizes quantity over quality.

Casio packed into the CT-S1 a carefully curated list of 61 very useful, high quality, bread and butter tones. There is an ample selection of well sampled acoustic pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, synth and pads that both a beginner and a working musician can be happy with. The ability to layer and split voices for a richer tone is very useful on many occasions.


Casio managed to strike a balance between the weight penalty that comes with hammer action weighted keys and the less expressive synth action keys. The CT-S1 is sufficiently expressive when it comes to piano tones as they have boxed shaped piano inspired keys.

These keys also work well with organ & synth sounds where a lighter unweighted key action is usually preferred. Matte & lightly textured, simulated ebony & ivory key tops makes it a joy to play on.

Design and Portability

Having expensive and high end gear is not always the best if you have no access to it, you will be better off with something portable and accessible in most situations.

The CT-S1 at a featherweight 10lbs is just ridiculously portable with it’s built-in handle, carrying strap attachment and battery powered option.

Being able to slings the CT-S1 on your back like a guitar, on buses and the subway is just awesome. The CT-S1 is a preferred keyboard to bring out and play due to its ultra portability and battery powered option.


It is amazing that the Casio CT-S1 cost less than bringing your family out for a steak dinner. Technology is moving so fast, smartphones get refreshed with better and cheaper tech every 12 months and it’s the same for portable keyboards especially those under $200. A keyboard with the functionality and sound quality of the CT-S1 would cost you at least $1,000 just a few years ago but now cost less than a restaurant dinner.

Wireless Bluetooth and MIDI

It is common to use an auxiliary audio cable to stream backing tracks from your smartphone to your keyboards or a USB cable to control your software instruments on your devices

With the Casio CT-S1, you no longer need to deal with messy tangled audio or USB cables. With the Bluetooth adaptor and battery power options on the CT-S1, you get a completely wireless environment. No power cables needed. No audio cables needed. No USB MIDI cables needed.


I hope that this review of the Casio CT-S1 has been useful for you. Do check out the links provided in this article for the latest updates and prices of the Casio CT-S1. If this keyboard is not for you, do look at the other articles in this blog to find your ideal instrument. Also, do check out my Piano App and beginner keyboard course available for you.

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