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Compare: Which is better? Yamaha PSR-SX600 or Korg PA300.


$1099.99 USD

$999.99 USD

Today I will be telling a few important key differences between two of these very similarly priced keyboards, which cost slightly less than a thousand dollars.

The Yamaha PSR-SX600 was released somewhere in the 4th quarter of 2020 and the Korg PA300 was released in 2014. I will be making an in-depth comparison of the features and functionality of both these keyboards to help you make an informed purchase.

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Key Actions

Both the Yamaha and Korg keyboards have 61 full-size keys and these keys are touch-sensitive. The only difference is that the PSR-SX600 have organ-type keys while the PA300 have synth-type keys.

If you feel that 61 keys are insufficient for you, check it out here as well as my other recommendations.


The PSR-SX600 comes with more than 1300 sounds including XG voices as well as the drum sounds in the drum kits.

The PA300 comes with 950 different voices and drum kits these voices can be assigned onto three different upper layers.

However, the PSR-SX600 only gets two voice layers.

If you prefer something with the ability to layer up to 3 voices check out my other recommendations to see if there is something that suits you.


The PSR-SX600 got an upgrade from the previous models and now has 450 styles. However, on the PA300 you only get 310 styles which are 100 styles fewer than those found on the PSR-SX600. Not to worry as the good thing about the Korg ecosystem is that Korg actually releases free brand new styles that you can add to your PA series keyboards for free on a very regular basis.

LCD Display

The PSR-SX600 comes with a full-color LCD screen which is nice, bright, and clear. One downside is that the screen is small and not touch-sensitive.

On the other hand, the PA300 has already made their screen touch-sensitive and you can use it to select your sounds directly 7 years ago.

It may not be as bright and of high resolution as the PSR-SX600, it is definitely much larger in size when compared.

Other Notable feature

One thing great about the PSR-SX600 is the two control knobs which you can use to quickly change different parameters on the sounds and styles effects on the fly when performing.

These knobs are noticeably missing on the PA300. Apart from the usual joystick which controls modulation and pitch bend which both keyboards have,

the PSR-SX600 have different wheels instead of a unified joystick

The USB connection on the PSR-SX600 comes with a built-in audio interface,

while on the PA300 you can only transmit and receive MIDI and do not have a built-in audio interface.

Another feature that the PSR-SX600 has that the PA300 does not is a microphone input.

This feature really makes the PSR-SX600 a complete entertainment system where you can sing and play along and entertain your friends and family. You can even use it to gig and bask with it and for under a thousand dollars

Sadly the Korg PA300 comes with a unified headphone which doubles up as an audio output as well.

Whereas on the PSR-SX600 you get a dedicated left-right quarter-inch output for better stereo separation when connecting to additional amplification.

If you are looking for audio Interfaces, speakers, headphones, microphones, and other connectivity devices, do check out my other recommendations for other audio equipment as well.


I hope you found my review of the Yamaha PSR-SX600 and Korg PA300 useful. Do check out the links provided in this article for the latest and most updated information and prices of Yamaha PSR-SX600 and Korg PA300. Do also take a look at my other articles to find the best and most suited instrument for your personal need. Also, check out my Piano App and beginner keyboard course available for you.

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Dec 28, 2023

Question : j'avais suivi votre vidéo sur youtube en rapport avec le défaut de l'écran de psr e473 qui s'abimait ou se détériorait et l'affichage devait illisible après une période. Est ce Yamaha a pu corriger ce problème ? Qu'est ce vous me conseillerez, je veux acheter?

Question: I followed your video on YouTube in relation to the defect in the PSR E473 screen which was damaged or deteriorated and the display became unreadable after a period. Was Yamaha able to correct this problem? What would you advise me to buy?😘


Dec 28, 2023

😀Merci beaucoup! mon choix porte sur psr sx600


Zvi Davidzon
Zvi Davidzon
Oct 08, 2022

Great and helpful information.😍

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