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Review: 4 Features on the Yamaha DGX-670 which shines above all other Piano Keyboards.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021


$800 USD

The Yamaha DGX-670 is a ridiculously cheap but powerful piano with quality sound. There are 4 features that are incredibly useful that should be on all other pianos as well.

Feature #1

Piano Room

The Yamaha DGX-670 is a very powerful digital piano with more than 600 tones and is intimidating to most people who are new to music technology. This is where the piano room feature of the DGX-670 shines.

With a press of a button, you are put into a virtual room with access to just 6 of the most commonly used acoustic and electric piano tones while locking out all the glittery high-end features so you can focus on just playing.

In the piano room, you can configure the lid position of the grand pianos and the size of the environment you are in. You can also quickly record your piano playing with an easy button without knowing how to use the DGX-670 powerful in-built 16 track sequencer.

If you are slightly more advanced, you can further choose to configure the touch sensitivity and brightness of the piano tone. The piano room, coupled with a glorious full-color LCD screen, is a feature yet to be seen in any other digital pianos at this affordable price.

Feature #2

DSP Effects

Every digital piano has at this price has a couple of obligatory reverb and chorus effects. However, the DGX-670 knocks it out of the park with a bewildering 295 digital signal processing effects.

These DSPs allow you to quickly shape your tone, giving it a unique character. If that isn’t enough, you can go even deeper and configure every imaginable parameter on each DSP.

Feature #3

User Registration

On a couple of expensive digital pianos, you can save maybe a couple of user presets, usually less than 10. However, on the DGX-670 you can save a staggering unlimited number of user settings with storage infinitely expandable via a USB stick. Not only can you save your own settings, you can also name each setting as well as categorize them in folders. This is an amazing feature which is a godsend.

Feature #4

Powerful Rhythm Section

Every experienced piano player knows that practicing with a metronome is invaluable for getting your timing right. However, a metronome is boring. A few of the more expensive digital pianos come with a dozen or so rhythms for you to work on your groove.

However, the Yamaha DGX-670 is the overachiever in class. Not only does it have more than 263 rhythms with 4 variations for each rhythm. Every rhythm has a full accompaniment for you to practice with. Each instrument part in the accompaniment can also be turned on and off.

For pop, rock, bossanova, and jazz pieces, playing along with a rhythm accompaniment makes a whole lot of difference. If you are new to playing the keyboard and want to learn how to play with chords and rhythm accompaniment on your arranger keyboard like this.


I hope that this review of the Yamaha DGX-670 has been useful for you. Do check out the links provided in this article for the latest updates and prices of Yamaha DGX-670. If these keyboards are not for you, do look at the other articles in this blog to find your ideal instrument.

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